Saturn Records Closed  5488 College Ave, Oakland

George & Walt's 5445 College Ave, Oakland

East Bay Booksellers 5433 College Ave, Oakland

McNally's Irish Pub 5352 College Ave, Oakland

Germany's Best Inc 5291 College Ave, Oakland

Children's Hospital Broadway and 51st Street

J Miller Flowers 4416 Piedmont Ave

French Dry Cleaners 4155 Piedmont Ave

Broadway Motel & Suites 4140 Broadway

George Kaye's 4044 Broadway

Art's Crab Shack Closed 4031 Broadway

Clove And Hoof 4001 Broadway

Evergreen Missionary Baptist 408 W MacArthur Blvd

Jesus Saves Church Telegraph Ave & 38th St

Gallagher's Liquors 3849 Martin Luther King Jr Way

Pacific Saw Works Closed MLK & 44th St

Micro's Market 4428 Martin Luther King Jr Way

Kasper's Hot Dogs Closed Telegraph Ave & 46th St

C&G Hardware Dutchboy Paints 5008 Telegraph Ave

Sorbet Closed 5032 Telegraph Ave

Steele's Discount Scuba 5987 Telegraph Ave

Aquarius Rising Closed 499 61st Street

BONUS Elmwood Theatre 2966 College Ave, Berkeley

All photos © 2018 Al Barna and Randall Ann Homan